Cross Platform Mobile Development

Development Practices

Our development team consists of expert, Sr. level developers who specialize in cross-platform app development for iOS and Android.


We can provide secure authentication for your users, or we can link with your service.

User-centric Approach

We target users in every design conversation. We understand that an engaged user experience drives loyalty, and ultimately positive results for your business.


We are strategic throughout the delivery and deployment phases to ensure a smooth process.

Cross-Platform Native Development with Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium in a JavaScript based app development platform that compiles down to native iOS (Objective-C) and Android(Java). This ensures a Rapid Application Development process without sacrificing native functionality available in both operating systems. uses Electron to build web based desktop apps. This allows us to build data-driven desktop applications simultaneously for Windows and Mac. Who else is using Electron? Microsoft, Slack, and WordPress. We are excited to showcase this hybrid technology, and to unleash the power of Electron within your business. uses Appcelerator Titanium to create Apps for iOS and Android that have a native look and feel. Ebay, Cisco, and Paypal have created  apps with the platform. 1000’s of mobile APIs are accessible through it’s JavaScript compiler. We believe that it’s the best toolkit available on the market; superior to both Xamarin and PhoneGap.

Together, we can prepare your business for the future.

App Development

Our white glove app development service is truly one of a kind. We have crafted a highly agile development lifecycle for delivering apps with surprisingly small development windows. We specialize in cross-platform development for iOS and Android.

Technical Support

After we deliver a solution for your business we will be there every step of the way. We have 24/7 email support with quick turnaround times. Whether your issue is small or large, we always aim for a speedy resolution to keep your users happy.

Add Ons

Web Based Admin

A web-based administrative portal where superusers can manage push notifications, analytics, and other system-wide settings.

Themes can deliver an app with different skin and language options based on a user’s region.

Web Application

If your business desires a web application and app with similar functionality we can build both at the same time at a reduced cost.

App Enhancements can enhance or update your existing Titanium app.

Web to Mobile

We can port your website or mobile website to a downloadable app for phone or tablet.

Mobile Ecommerce

We can link to your e-commerce platform so that your app works with your store admin and data.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities?