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Why Your Small Business Needs a Mobile App - Entrepreneur.com

Wallis Annenberg PetSpace

Annenberg PetSpace in Silicon Beach needed support and maintenance for their mobile app on iOS and Android which was codeveloped with Joen.io design partner Belle & Wissell. The app contains revolutionary features such as beacon support, in-app camera, and sharing a photo to a large digital wall.


Tangram Interiors executives had an innovative idea for a new B2B platform that enables interior design firms to work with their clients in new and exciting ways. Joen.io helped to create a development plan and built a scalable prototype in react.js to demonstrate the awesome capabilities of the new platform.

Cue @ KRNL Labs

A former leader at AWS teamed up with a Seattle incubator to create a new app concept that allows users to collect and create custom outfits based on their fashion style. Joen.io helped turn this vision in to reality with a stunning working prototype that helped the CEO of the company garner additional funding.