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Percentage of Small Businesses that will have an App by 2019

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Consumer solutions that make a difference

Gain a competitive edge in your industry with technology from joen.io. B2C (Business to Consumer) solutions help drive engagement within your digital presence and your business as a whole. A holistic solution gives you a digital platform for marketing and communication with your customers in ways that your website can’t.

Push notifications

Alert customers to sales, discounts and other offers.

Social Media

Allow customers to share your app with friends and followers. Integrate your own social media accounts within the app.


App analytics reports allow you to see what is and isn’t working, in order to improve and gain new insights into your business.

Loyalty program

Maintain and access loyalty cards for repeat customers accessible from their phones.

One-click contact

Let customers quickly call you by simply tapping on your phone number.

Geotargeted services

Use GPS to track customers’ locations and reach out with location-based offers.

Maps Integration

Customers can get directions by tapping on your address.

Total Digital Revamp

joen.io can recreate your existing website and create a companion app, streamlining your digital presence. Your digital ecosystem provides a centralized platform for managing content within multiple distribution channels.


Website and Design

We can create a responsive HTML5 website that contains existing and new content. The website will be perfectly viewable on a mobile device.

Admin Portal

A centralized hub, where super users can manage both website CMS as well as App specific dynamic content (such as push notifications and data feeds).

Best-In-Class App

Your new app, combined with your new digital presence, will blow away your customers and the competition.

What types of small businesses need an app to reach their customers?

Retailers and online stores

Online storefront, shopping cart and mobile payments, so customers can make purchases straight from your app.

Restaurants, bars and other food establishments

Interactive menus, reservation systems and delivery services. Third-party integrations with popular services like Seamless, GrubHub, Yelp and OpenTable.

Salons, doctor's offices and other personal service providers

List of services offered and self-serve appointment system that lets customers see real-time availability and schedule a visit.

Ready to start building your app?

Your business as a slick, well-oiled, machine

Revive current business processes with solutions by Joen. We look for areas where we can save you and your people time, money, and energy so that focus remains on your business, not the process. Even better, once we are collecting process related data via your app we can measure it, analyze it, and use this information to make improvements.

Which types of businesses benefit from process improvement apps?

Wholesale Manufacturers

Internal tools, vendor forms, erp integration, barcode scanner apps.

Car/Boat/Plane Dealerships

Inventory management, car listings, boat listings, plane listings, up systems, inventory tracking with barcode scanner.

Medical Facilities

Employee directories, facility map and guide, health information, emergency checklists, ordering supplies.

Real Estate

House listings, realtor/realty information, self-service tools and calculators, lead capture.

Looking for Cost Savings and Revenue Enhancement

Process Improvement

joen.io can help establish some best practices, naming conventions, Business Process Documentation (BPD), and analysis.

Process Automation

Can this process be automated via web or mobile technology? What is the degree of difficulty in creating an automated solution? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Is this a strategic decision?


We can create a working prototype of a full scale solution. Using mock data, imagery, and static content we can emulate a reimagined business process in technical form to ensure it’s feasibility and finalize plans for development.

Ready to transform the way you do business?