Mobile App Development

Development Practices

Our development team consists of expert, sr. level developers that specialize in cross-platform app development.


We can provide secure authentication for you and your users, or we can link with yours.

User-centric Approach

We target users in every design conversation. We understand that repeat usage drives loyalty and acceptance.


We are strategic in our development approach as well as through our delivery and deployment phases to ensure a smooth process.

Cross-Platform Native Development with Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator titanium in a JavaScript based SDK that compiles down to native iOS (Objective-C) and Android(Java). This ensures a Rapid Application Development process with a large talent pool available to us, without sacrificing native functionality availabile in both operating systems.

Custom UI with Native UX

We know that the best apps are unique but always conform to certain guidelines of each respective OS (iOS and Android). We strive to build your vision within these guidelines. We are experts in ensuring that users have a mobile optimized experience.

Stylish Interfaces

Joë employs design that represents your brand the way you want it to, and will certainly impress and delight your users. We have some predefined layouts that we can share with you if your app falls in to a specific category. We will allow you to express your individuality where you need to, and push back if we feel it detracts from the user experience.

Exploring the possibilities

Companies are starting to use their devices in new and exciting ways. We can look at options like barcode scanners, and there may even be a case for augmented reality, that has gained awareness recently via the likes of Pokemon Go. Let’s explore what’s possible together.

Do you want an edge?

Hire us today to build your new app, or re-envision your existing one.